Jericho Cares about children

Parents with backpacks to be donated to children in need.

Parents with backpacks to be donated to children in need.

In light of the recent developments concerning the Jericho Family Support Center, I feel compelled to write this.  While there has been negativity and fear, that is not what I want Jericho to be known for.  We may not be as loud but there are many people in Jericho that support the Center and want to help.  A group of four Jericho moms and myself have come together to form Jericho Cares.  We did not all know each other before this, but our spirit of kindness has brought us together.  We worked with The John Theissen Foundation and were able to supply each of the less fortunate children, currently living in Jericho motels, with a backpack stuffed with school supplies.  Thanks to the many donations we have received, we were also able to provide each family with toiletries, snacks, masks and sanitizer. Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world”.  We are the change.  It doesn’t end here….we plan to support OUR Jericho families in any way that we can throughout the year.  We want them to hear this loud and clear…We support you and Jericho Cares!

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  1. Rebee says:

    Hi, love what you do. I read you are collecting Halloween candy. Where can I drop it off.
    Thank you.

  2. Carrie Cohen says:

    I have a lot of coats to donate and was told that you are holding a coat drive. Can you send me information about where and when to drop off donation?

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