Jericho HS performs ‘Frozen’ after Disney selection

students meeting with director

Directors give cast members instructions prior to production.

musicians with conductor

Pit band prepares to play.

Displaying Broadway-style singing and dancing, students from Jericho High School put on five performances of the Disney musical “Frozen” in the Middle School Little Theater from March 9th through 12th.

Jericho had won the nationwide competition, sponsored by Disney, to grant production rights to the popular Broadway musical to one school from each state.  Jericho High School was selected as the only New York school to garner rights to produce the show in the state.
Jericho’s director of the production, Theone Rinaudo, said there were three hundred competing high schools throughout the country vying for rights to produce the show.
Sell-out crowds attended each performance, sparked by publicity for the show on TV and in Newsday.
The Jericho version of Frozen included a live “pit band” which Stephanie Rinaudo, creative director and choreographer who is the daughter of the director, said was a requirement for consideration by Disney. The pit band director was Evangeline Bellon.
Key players in the show included:
  • Laura Marchand (Elsa)
  • Gianna DeVellis (Anna)
  • Kathryn Weinberger (Young Elsa)
  • Sienna Feldman (Young Anna)
  • Shubhan Mehta (Hans)
  • Maung-Gyi Akamatsu (Kristoff)
  • Andy Liu (Oaken)
  • Ashton Leung (Sven/King Agnarr)
  • Namit Sethi (Pabbie)
  • Chloe Salua (Olaf)

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