Jericho, Syosset organizations team up to help needy families

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Jericho Cares teamed up with “Lasagna Love” to bring food and clothing to needy families.

When the Jericho Cares nonprofit organization teamed up with the ‘Lasagna Love’ Syosset’s chapter, last year, it meant that more needy families would have food on their tables and clothes on their back.

“When we teamed up with Lasgana Love, about a year ago, we were able to add twenty additional hot meals to our menu to help families who are dealing with food insecurity on Long Island,” said Fran O’Connor, president of Jericho Cares. “Now every Saturday when we do our deliveries, we can give families items like lasagna, Mac and cheese, meatloaf dishes. It’s just a little bit of extra help to provide for these families who are dealing with multiple hardships.”

She said that her organization has been helping forty families, who are living in the Edgewood Motel in Jericho, since Jericho Cares was founded in August of last year.

The organization has also Started a care package program, where once a month they travel to various locales in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, to deliver essential Items like food, toiletries and cleaning supplies to families.

“Once a month, our volunteers have traveled throughout Long Island to provide families with non perishable food items and care packages that we have put together,” said O’Connor. “I think especially this time of year during the holidays and with this ongoing pandemic, every little bit counts.”

Lasagna Love is a California-based nonprofit, that has multiple chapters throughout the country. There are 120 volunteers on Long Island, who cook the meals in their homes to serve to multiple homeless shelter’s throughout Nassau and Suffolk.

“This is not just lasagna but a complete meal, that comes with salad, bread and a dessert,” said O’Connor. “They provide food for those dealing with food or financial insecurity or those who are ill or recovering from a medical procedure.”

The two organizations worked side by side this past Sunday, at the Jericho Firehouse, in a Christmas holiday giveaway.

“We setup four tables and provided people with things like clothes, hats and gloves to keep them warm during the winter season. It was a wonderful event and it makes the holiday season special knowing we’re helping families in their time of need.”

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