JHS student shines in competition

three boys holding up trophy

Agastya Mittal and his teammates celebrate.

Jericho High School student Agastya Mittal recently competed at the International History Olympiad, in Princeton, NJ and won the Championship Trophy and Gold Medal in the International History Bowl World Championships. 

The International History Olympiad is hosted by International Academic Competitions, an international organization spanning dozens of countries globally. There were competitors from 20+ US states and multiple countries such as Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Iraq, Singapore, Ecuador, Poland, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Thailand, Switzerland, Canada, and the Philippines. I competed against 52 other competitors at the Junior Varsity level who came from all over the world to compete in the world championship.

Additionally, Agastya won four individual and team events:

  1. Championship Trophy and Gold Medal- International History Bowl World Championships (Team event)
  2. Gold Medal- South Asian History Exam. (Individual)
  3. Silver Medal- Hexathlon Team Competition (Team Event)
  4. Bronze Medal- Sports History Bee (Individual)
  5. Bronze Medal- New York City History Exam (Individual)

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